Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps you'll stumble upon a stencil that inspires you to one day create the permanent image you'd like, but the beauty of temporary ink lies in its ability to fade just as you change your mind about having a tattoo.
  • The area you want tattooed will be shaved (if needed) and you should expect to be wiped down with alcohol then have the transfer set and sprayed, patted down then removed to create a temporary tattoo or stencil.
  • Obviously, a kit will cost more than just a simple stencil, but in the end, you save time and money because you don't have to go out and purchase your supplies and risk purchasing the wrong paint or paint color.
  • Think of it as the frame work for your eventual masterpiece.Your tattoo professional will use the stencil to make a temporary tattoo on your skin, which serves as a template to be filled in with permanent ink.
  • Adding a second overlay means waiting for the first layer to dry, and then positioning the stencil directly over where you had it last time, and adding the second overlay (usually a different color of paint).