Sentence Examples

  • In his eighteenth year he was sent to the court of his cousin Sten Sture.
  • Meanwhile Christian was preparing for the inevitable war with Sweden, where the patriotic party, headed by the freely elected governor Sten Sture the younger, stood face to face with the philo-Danish party under Archbishop Gustavus Trolle.
  • Moreover, Christian revenged himself upon the dead as well as upon the living, for Sten Sture's body was dug up and burnt, as well as the body of his little child.
  • Jdnkoping was afterwards the scene of many events of moment in Scandinavian history - of parliaments in 1 357, 1 439, and 1599; of the meeting of the Danish and Swedish plenipotentiaries in 1448; and of the death of Sten Sture, the elder, in 1503.