Sentence Examples

  • Freeing up cupboard space and having your glasses accessible doesn't mean you are completely free…unfortunately having your stemware out in the open means they collect dust more frequently than they would in a protected cupboard.
  • Stemware is something you should steer clear of as a gift unless the person you are giving it to told you what they are looking for or you know for sure it fits into the collection they have already.
  • If the wine lover for whom you are buying a gift all ready has all the books, wines, and stemware that they could ever need, look for cool accessories to match her style that are also in your budget.
  • What's the best way to keep the precious crystal stemware safe, out of harm's way, get rid of the water spots from my prized Riedel?, and most importantly show them off to your wine snob guests?
  • One solution is to install a wine glass rack that can hang under a cabinet or from the ceiling and stow your stemware upside down and away for safety, convenience, and to keep the dust off.

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