Sentence Examples

  • Muir, The Mameluke or Stave Dynasty of Egypt (London, 1896); for the Turkish period, G.
  • Well, that's one way to stave off passion.
  • Quinn lit the large stove to stave off the cold as rain pounded the metal roof above us.
  • Trundles and Pin-Wheels.If a wheel or trundle have cylindrical pins or staves for teeth, the faces of the teeth of a wheel suitable for driving it are described by first tracing external epicycloids, by rolling the pitch-circle of the pin-wheel or trundle on the pitch-circle of the driving-wheel, with the centre of a stave for a tracing-point, and then drawing curves parallel to, and within the epicycloids, at a distance from them equal to the radius of a stave.
  • Seneca had seen from the first that the real danger with Nero lay in the savage vehemence of his passions, and he made it his chief aim to stave off by every means in his power the dreaded outbreak.