Sentence Examples

  • (t) In erection on staging, the materials available determine the character of the staging; stacks of timber, earth banks, or builtup staging of piles and trestles have all been employed, also iron staging, which can be rapidly erected and moved from site to site.
  • I asked where the house in question was located and was told it was several blocks away and this was a staging area.
  • Now, you can send your soldiers to the castle where the demons are staging an attack, and rejoin the Council, or I can bury you here in your front yard.
  • The side spans are erected first on staging and anchored to the piers.
  • The methods of erection may be classed as - (I) erection on staging or falsework; (2) floating to the site and raising; (3) rolling out from one abutment; (4) building out member by member, the completed part forming the stage from which additions are handled.