Sentence Examples

  • During the period of peace between the Spanish-American War and the U.S. joining World War I, the uniform of the typical army soldier had gradually changed.
  • OPMD is most common among French Canadian families in Quebec and in Spanish-American families in the southwestern United States.
  • On the 11th of May 1898 a force from two vessels of the United States fleet under Admiral Schley, searching for Cervera and blockading the port, cut two of the three cables here (at Point Colorado, at the entrance of the harbour), and for the first time in the Spanish-American War the American troops were under fire.
  • Some of the most modern streets on the plain have been laid out with Spanish-American regularity, but much the greater part seems to have sprung into existence without any plan.
  • The harbour is defended by Fort Taylor, built on the island of Key West in 1846, and greatly improved and modernized after the Spanish-American War of 1898.1898.