Sentence Examples

  • Although formerly in very extensive employment, this instrument is dropping out of use and the " sounder " (and in many cases the telephone) is being used in its place.
  • Although a most serviceable instrument and cheap as regards maintenance, the " single needle " has (except for railway telegraph purposes) been discarded in favour of the " sounder," to secure the advantage of using one general pattern of apparatus, as far as possible, and to avoid the necessity of two different types of instrument being learnt by the telegraphist.
  • The earliest successful form was " Bright's bell " sounder, which consisted of two bells of distinct tone or pitch, one of which was sounded when the current was sent in one [[International Code O]] --- 4 - 5 p-- - 6 R - 7 '...'
  • 15 shows the modern pattern of " sounder " as used by the - == IIB I FIG.
  • The result is that the armature of the relay is attracted, and currents are sent through the sounder from the local battery, producing the signals from the distant station.