Sentence Examples

  • By choosing a suitable goal and changing diet and exercise habits to create a healthier, more active lifestyle, the weight will gradually disappear leaving behind a fitter, more confident person, no matter what the number on the scale.
  • But what is healthy for one person may be too much or too little for another, and knowing how to lose weight properly for your body type, weight, and lifestyle is the key to a slimmer, fitter physique.
  • A bride-to-be and her family are convinced that the dress the fitter has brought out is not the one she paid for and a same sex couple end up choosing wedding outfits they would have never considered trying on.
  • Whiston informs us that, some time before the publication of this book, a message was sent to him from Lord Godolphin "that the affairs of the public were with difficulty then kept in the hands of those that were for liberty; that it was therefore an unseasonable time for the publication of a book that would make a great noise and disturbance; and that therefore they desired him to forbear till a fitter opportunity should offer itself," - a message that Clarke of course entirely disregarded.
  • It is worthy of notice that this intercourse with Cromwell occurred when Baxter was summoned to London to assist in settling "the fundamentals of religion," and made the memorable declaration, in answer to the objection that what he had proposed as fundamental "might be subscribed by a Papist or Socinian," - "So much the better, and so much the fitter it is to be the matter of concord."