Sentence Examples

  • Rohricht present the soundest, if not the brightest, account of the Crusades.
  • The soundest history of Lithuania, before its union with Poland, is still Lelewel's History of Lithuania (Pol., Leipzig, 1839), of which a French translation was published at Paris in 1861.
  • It must, however, be remembered in Henry's favour, that the supporters of the princes, both in England and in the foreign provinces, were animated by resentment against the soundest features of the king's administration; and that, in the rebellion of 1173, he received from the English commons such hearty support that any further attempt to raise a rebellion in England was considered hopeless.
  • In the professor's chair, as in the pulpit, his strength lay in the tact with which he selected the soundest results of biblical criticism, whether his own or that of others, and presented them in a clear and connected form, with a constant view to their practical bearing.
  • These were cut from the water-worn rocks at the Cataractthe soundest source for large masses, as any incipient flaws are well exposed by wear.