So Much Definition

In that degree; to that extent. Used with the comparative form of adjectives.
If she wins the award, so much the better for the team.
American Heritage
In such a degree; to such an extent.
The ideas of the candidates are so much alike that he could see no difference between them.
American Heritage
So great in quantity, degree, or extent.
There's been so much rain the crops are rotting in the fields.
American Heritage
Equivalent or equal in quantity, degree, or extent.
The report sounded like so much baloney.
American Heritage
An unspecified amount or degree.
Charged so much a yard.
American Heritage
Everything that can be said or done. Used to summarize or dismiss something.
So much for the real story behind this sensational trial.
American Heritage

A particular amount, often a large or excessive amount.

How could you eat so much?
There is only so much you can remember.
"So much", he replied, sprinkling a small pile of the powder on the table.

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