Sentence Examples

  • For example, if one approved applicant has a dazzling credit report with a sky-high rating and another approved applicant barely gets approved by the skin of his teeth, they will both receive the same interest rate.
  • Slingbacks: The slingback Lanvin style can be worn with a slightly lower heel and in a casual fabric, for daytime glamour, or selected with a sky-high heel in an upper material like satin.
  • This remains true and will for as long as gorgeous heels continue to saturate the market, but many women are now turning to flats as a stylist alternative to sky-high dress shoes.
  • Since supermodels are generally required to appear completely comfortable in sky-high heels, it's important to practice and master this walk before ever setting foot on a runway.
  • An elegant, put-together style to complement that gorgeous dress, those sky-high heels and the glittering jewels is something every woman strives to perfect on her big night.