Sentence Examples

  • If it was up to them, the kids would be in a foster home, a fate Jessi found unconscionable.
  • On the law under the act of 1900 see Hastings's Law relating to Moneylenders and Unconscionable Bargains; and Edmondson's Moneylenders Act 1900.
  • Mineptah was one of the most unconscionable usurpers of the monuments of his predecessors, including those of his own father, who, it must be admitted, had set him the example.
  • In England the lessons of experience have shown that the abuses of this business are best regulated by a system of registration coupled with relief to debtors against harsh and unconscionable bargains.
  • The act is not confined to providing for the registration of moneylenders and for the reopening of harsh and unconscionable bargains.