Sentence Examples

  • If you would prefer not to give up a sizeable section of the countertop space in your kitchen to hold this type of appliance, you may find that an under cabinet toaster oven is an excellent option for your home.
  • Whether you end up liking an unregistered domain better or not, it never hurts to do a little due diligence, especially if you are indeed about to plunk down a sizeable chunk of coin for someone's domain.
  • While abuse and neglect of children is obvious in many parenting situations, some situations may be less clear-cut and leave a sizeable debate on what exactly constitutes parental rights.
  • In addition to these more classic looks, you can expect a fairly sizeable comeback from wire framed sunglasses as they have already started to make their way onto the faces of supermodels and other celebrities in the fashion world.
  • With selections in comfy shirts, pants, camisoles, chemises, and a sizeable selection of bedroom slippers, Bedhead Pajamas has just what you need for enjoying quiet weekends or mornings at home.