Sentence Examples

  • Inchildhood, girls with gender identity disorder experience less overall social rejection than boys, as it is more socially acceptable for a girl to be a tomboy than for a boy to be perceived as a "sissy."
  • Sissy Spacek: This Texan has been in films like North Country, An American Haunting, Gray Matters, Hot Rod, Pictures of Hollis Woods, Get Low and Four Christmases.
  • Nightgowns for men don't have to be effeminate or sissy, either—they can be practical and warm for layering in extreme conditions.
  • Chiffon Nightgowns: A lightweight chiffon nightgown is excellent for a man who's interested in sissy, girly, or feminine gowns.
  • In 1974, Sissy Harrington-McGill traveled to Germany to purchase a Great Dane puppy.