Sentence Examples

  • What a pansy he must think she was.
  • - Two Stamens of Viola tricolor (Pansy), with their two anther lobes and the processp extending beyond them.
  • - Pistil of Pansy (Viola tricolor), enlarged.
  • Esteemed Quesnay much, and used to call him his thinker; when he ennobled him he gave him for arms three flowers of the pansy (pensee), with the motto Propter excogitationem mentis.
  • Sylvestris; Phloxes, like P. subulata, with its varieties setacea, Nelsoni, nivalis; the single-flowered varieties of the Primrose, Primula vulgaris; the Polyanthuses; Pyrethrum Parthenium aureum, called Golden Feather; Sempervivum calcareum; the pinkflowered Silene pendula; self-coloured varieties of the Pansy, V.