Sentence Examples

  • The Rhine-daughter sings it in a childlike, indolently graceful way which well expresses the kind of toy the ring or the world itself would be to her.
  • He Sings What Garneau Recounts The Love Of Mother Country, Mother Church And Canada.
  • But sometimes it was a really noble and inspiring strain that reached these woods, and the trumpet that sings of fame, and I felt as if I could spit a Mexican with a good relish--for why should we always stand for trifles?--and looked round for a woodchuck or a skunk to exercise my chivalry upon.
  • Judith now sings a song of praise, and all go up to Jerusalem to worship with sacrifice and rejoicing.
  • P. 1121 &c.), tells of the downfall of the house of the Comneni and :sings of the emperor of the future who would one day awake from death and go forth from the cave in which he had lain.