Sentence Examples

  • In September he wrote the first of his Chants for Socialists.
  • Chants, fasting and other austerities, but there are some peculiarities of detail.
  • It consists of sacred songs or chants, partly composed independently, partly formed out of the contents of the Bible, which, however, has evidently been gathered by them orally, as until quite lately they were almost entirely illiterate and did not possess any written book.
  • Butler (London, 1881); Toldi, poeme en 12 chants (Paris, 1895); Dichtungen (Leipzig, 1880); Konig Buda's Tod (Leipzig, 1879); Balladen (Vienna, 1886).
  • Unable then to enter active political life, he turned to literature and philosophy, publishing in 1828 a collection of Chants helleniques translated from the German of W.