Sentence Examples

  • The story of Chanukah professes the miracle that the oil lasted eight full days - the length of time necessary to press more oil - and therefore a menorah is lit each night of the celebration to commemorate that event.
  • Gift exchanges, family meals, Hanukkah parties, and greeting cards are all popular ways to celebrate the eight nights of Chanukah, and ecards make it easy to share seasonal greetings with family and friends.
  • Every year artists such as Weird Al Yankovic and Adam Sandler release new Christmas parodies that become popular throughout the years, such as Adam Sandler's "Chanukah Song".
  • Variety - Chanukah cards can be difficult to locate, but online card companies offer a wider selection of designs to choose from than traditional retailers.
  • Furthermore, a deeply spiritual card may be inappropriate if sent to someone who is not Jewish or who does not observe Chanukah as devoutly.

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