Sentence Examples

  • With a little imagination and brainstorming with your fellow cheerleaders, you are certain to build up a full arsenal of sideline cheers that will make your squad unique and help enhance school spirit, fan participation and team morale.
  • When the football team is playing defense, you'll want a nice collection of really strong defensive football sideline cheers to encourage the players to block any moves by the other team or even take back control of the ball.
  • The opening of the movie is a spoof of a long sideline or pep rally cheer - the cheerleaders are doing versions of "roll call cheers", introducing the characters and establishing a haughty sense of pride and entitlement.
  • While the classic image of the cheerleader may be out on a football sideline, there are many indoor sports that have their own squads engaging the crowds with floor cheers out on the court.
  • Generally, these courses are offered as a sideline to other areas of concentration such as fine art and typically are less strenuous than a full, dedicated interior design program.