Sentence Examples

  • IT professional with eight years of project coordination, programming and lead rollout execution seeking management opportunity and team-building potential within a corporation or small business requiring in-house technical facilitation.
  • Part of the reason for the new credit card processing biometrics technology rollout is there hasn't been any radical new methods of payment developed for credit cards for the past 20 years.
  • Beds for toddlers are different from twin beds in that they are smaller, still use a crib mattress, are lower to the ground, and often include side guards for rollout protection.
  • The video for "Rollout (My Business)" received a Video Music Award (VMA) nomination in 2002 and Ludacris performed the song at the pre-show for the VMAs.
  • As the big season for video game rollout begins, Nintendo has announced a slew of titles that will be available between now and early 2006.