Sentence Examples

  • You can put the code for a rollover in the same line as a link, or you can put it in a javascript declaration in the <HEAD> of a document and just "call" the function later on.
  • One of the most common injuries is ankle rollover or "twisting your ankle", so ensure that your shoes can handle the quick changes in direction inherent to tennis play.
  • The risk of rollover is minimal, and the last two wheels are completely covered, so a pair of toddler legs can't physically get caught under the traction system.
  • Some people are clever enough to use HTML to hide the link, so just use a mouse rollover to view the web address in the bar at the bottom of your browser.
  • The amount of the charitable rollover counted toward your RMD, so IRA charitable rollovers became less attractive for 2009 because of the RMD suspension.