Sentence Examples

  • Unlike the Yahoo! version that runs within your main Internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), when you choose to play the free web-based Text Twist on Shockwave, the site opens up a new window.
  • Instead of focusing on making sure you don't run out of moves or getting you to fight against the clock, per se, the goal in Jewel Quest -- which can be found on a number of websites, like Shockwave, MSN Zone, and Yahoo!
  • Popcap is actually the creator of both Bejeweled and Bookworm, but because of its partnerships - and of course, the popularity of its games - you'll find those games on Pogo, Shockwave, and Popcap's own site.
  • If you can manage to get the ball to ride the rail all the way to the end, you'll hear a click, and then all the pins will explode in a shockwave, effectively giving you a 91 pin strike (worth 182 points).
  • Games: Like Shockwave, Yahoo! provides Bounce Out in all three variants -- web-based, free trial, and purchase -- and the web version opens in a new Java-based window.