Sentence Examples

  • Lukas Rossi is the newest rockstar, but he won't be a SuperNova.
  • Light and Shadow Effects: GIMP provides users the ability to render lens flares similar to the ones created in Photoshop, but it also offers extra lighting and shadow options like supernova, sparkle, gradient flare, and perspective.
  • It features a race against time as mankind must discover what is making our sun unstable, before we are obliterated when the sun, a white dwarf incapable of it by all the known physical laws, becomes a supernova.
  • Online reports Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, Gilby Clarke, CBS and Mark Burnett Productions were served with an injunction which prohibits them from using the name Supernova to profit in any way.
  • The cease and desist was served as the result of a complaint by a punk rock trio also named Supernova.