Sentence Examples

  • The mean depth is less than 15 ft., with a maximum of 83 ft., the lake being thus one of the shallowest in Scotland.
  • This is the shallowest part, barely reaching a depth of 20 fathoms. It is being gradually 1 By the triangulation of 1840 its level was found to be 84 ft.
  • The city is built on sandy ground on both sides of the river and has a good harbour, which has been considerably improved by the Federal government; in 1907 the maximum draft that could be carried over the shallowest part of the channel was 14 ft.
  • The ice in the shallowest part was at this time several inches thinner than in the middle.
  • The pond had in the meanwhile skimmed over in the shadiest and shallowest coves, some days or even weeks before the general freezing.

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