Sentence Examples

  • Common red flags that children may be experiencing a depressive disorder include a sudden decline in grades and/or disinterest in schoolwork, avoidance of friends, loss of interest in extracurricular activities, and withdrawal from family.
  • Physical Disabilities: Children with physical disabilities can receive the individualized attention needed to master their schoolwork in an environment that is convenient and adapted to their specific disability.
  • The itching and discomfort of poison ivy, oak, and sumac rashes can disrupt sleep, make a child irritable and anxious, and pose a major distraction to schoolwork and other tasks that require concentration.
  • But if those blue or bad moods begin to interfere with schoolwork and daily living and start to increase in frequency, parents or caregivers need to seek help from their child's doctor.
  • Homeschooling gives busy teens the flexibility to do their schoolwork alongside other projects, such as art or dance classes, volunteering, field trips and entry-level college classes.