Sentence Examples

  • Students involved in other activities alone or in combination with sports had significantly higher odds than the other two groups for doing homework and significantly lower odds for alcohol consumption, marijuana use, and vandalism.
  • Green, eco-friendly, all natural, and all organic are marketing terms that can result in hefty upcharges for retailers, so do your homework before you buy to insure that the products you bring home are as safe as you think they are.
  • The cast of High School Musical returns in this summer sequel to tell another tale of teen angst and antics, but instead of homework they are getting their hands dirty with a little work at Sharpay and Ryan's family's country club.
  • Parents often feel this frustration as well and may take it upon themselves to do the child's homework in an effort to stave off his or her feelings of inadequacy or a growing negative feeling towards all things school related.
  • Commercial mortgages are readily available to those who have done their homework and can provide statistical data that shows the purchase is a good business move; however, not all home mortgage lenders also make business property loans.