Sentence Examples

  • Prosecuted in connexion with the Panama scandals, he was acquitted in 1893.
  • His relations with Cornelius Herz and the baron de Reinach compelled his retirement, however, from the Ribot cabinet at the time of the Panama scandals in December 1892.
  • The scandals of the bowling alleys grew rampant in Elizabethan London, and Stephen Gosson in his School of Abuse (1579) says, "Common bowling alleys are privy moths that eat up the credit of many idle citizens; whose gains at home are not able to weigh down their losses abroad; whose shops are so far from maintaining their play, that their wives and children cry out for bread, and go to bed supperless often in the year."
  • It is not necessary to relate the scandals of Marozias and Theodoras female reign, the infamies of John XII.
  • The recent scandals of the papacy induced Otto to deprive the Romans of their right to elect popes.