Sentence Examples

  • At the same time he scandalized the world by his riotous living and undignified familiarities.
  • Surrounded by his mignons, he scandalized the people by his effeminate manners.
  • But the Synoptists, especially Mark, give the slow steps in even the apostles' realization of Jesus' Messianic character; only at Caesarea Philippi Simon alone, for the first time, clearly discerns it, Jesus declaring that His Father has revealed it to Him, and yet Simon is still scandalized at the thought of a suffering Messiah (Mark viii.
  • In other words, Bossuet only answered Santarelli by setting up the divine right of kings, However, this dogma by no means scandalized the subjects of Louis XIV., for the worship of the sovereign was one of their most cherished instincts.
  • This first public recognition of his mistress by a king of France scandalized all good people and awakened jealousy and intrigue.