Sentence Examples

  • It wasn't until he faked his own grandmother's death, however, that he shot right up into reality TV villain infamy.
  • Everything seemed to be going well for Spears professionally, but her personal life was beginning a fast and steep dive from the heights of fame, to the depths of infamy.
  • If you crave the fame - or the infamy - of appearing on a reality TV show, here's the lowdown on the application process.
  • Miley Cyrus, daughter of one hit wonder country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus (whose Achy Breaky Heart lives on in infamy) had a meteoric rise to fame, thanks to the Disney Channel favorite Hannah Montana show.
  • Losing physical custody of her kids is just one more sign that Britney Spears' life is continuing its nosedive from the high heights of fame to the low depths of infamy.