Sentence Examples

  • There are many SEO companies that are more scam than service, but there are also excellent and economical search engine optimization firms that will accomplish the sort of boost to your site ranking that you need.
  • In the end, it looks like the Golden Web Award is at best a way to earn easy attention and links from novice web designers, and at worst a scam to make money by selling cheap certificates and plaques to the gullible.
  • When a friend tells you a juicy rumor about the latest corporate scam, murderer on the loose or wild animals found slaughtered, do you agree and repeat it to everyone else, or do you check it out for yourself?
  • Although it's not too common for students to enroll at fake universities or earn worthless degrees through scam programs, there are a number of companies that present themselves as legitimate universities but offer only sham programs.
  • A quick check with your local BBB office and your state's Attorney General office can shed a lot of light on things, and a Google search for the organization name and "scam", "complaint" and other similar terms doesn't hurt either.