Sentence Examples

  • Active HEPA Filter can be used in S4000 and S5000 canisters as well as S2 and S7 uprights.
  • Type G/N AirClean Filter Bags are used for both S2 and S5 models.
  • The same variation occurs at the neighbouring Teos and at Ephesus, while the coins of Mesembria in Thrace show regularly Meta and M ET A M B P I A N S2 N, where represents the sound which resulted from the fusion of By, and which appears in Homer as Qa in � Vvos, while in later Greek it becomes piaos.
  • If the axes are rectangular, the direction-ratios become direction-cosines, so that X1 + ~s2 + vi = I, whence R2 = X1 + ~2 + Z2.
  • Z, v' -V --zP - x R b2 2b2 c2 S2 1 z a2+ 2b2S23x, w' = w -{-xQ-yP2c2 cl?