Sentence Examples

  • The firing ~ eme ceased on the following day, but the troubles of the granted people were rather increased than assuaged; murders the and robberies were daily committed by the soldiery, pRSh~tI~ the shops were all shut and some of the streets barricaded.
  • From profiting by robberies in which he had no share, Wild naturally came to arrange robberies himself, and he devised and controlled a huge organization, which plundered London and its approaches wholesale.
  • We might not get the gangbangers, car jackings and armed robberies like the big cities but we sure have our share of domestics.
  • In the Southern states, owing to the harsh Reconstruction laws and the robberies committed by the carpet-bag governments which those laws kept in power; secondly, the scandals at.
  • Economic distress increased the number of highway robberies, these in turn lamed commercial intercourse.