Sentence Examples

  • He is spoken of as the Rhymer of Scotland in the accounts of the English privy council dealing with the visit of the mission for the hand of Margaret Tudor, rather because he wrote a poem in praise of London,than because, as has been stated, he held the post of laureate at the Scottish court.
  • EBENEZER ELLIOTT (1781-1849), English poet, the "cornlaw rhymer," was born at Masborough, near Rotherham, Yorkshire, on the 17th of March 1781.
  • A story had gone about, even in the days of John of Gaunt, who, if we may trust the rhymer John Hardyng (Chronicle, pp. 290, 291), had got it inserted in chronicles deposited in various monasteries, that this Edmund, surnamed Crouchback, was really hump-backed, and that he was set aside in favour of his younger brother Edward on account of his deformity.
  • THOMAS OF ERCELDOUNE, called also THE Rhymer, and sometimes given the surname of Learmont (ft. ?
  • This would seem to imply that Thomas the Rhymer was already dead, but J.