Sentence Examples

  • His notes were subjected to perpetual revisions and additions.
  • Trans., 3rd ed., Edinburgh, 1854), and the Philosophic de Locke (4th ed., 1861) were simply matured revisions of his lectures during the period from 1815 to 1820.
  • Those who work with living forms of which it is possible to obtain a large number of specimens, and those who make revisions of the provisional species of palaeontologists, are slowly coming to some such conception as that a species is the abstract central point around which a group of variations oscillate, and that the peripheral oscillations of one species may even overlap those of an allied species.
  • Recensions and revisions were twice made, in 1368 and 1531; but how far the true Ibelin was recovered, and what additions or alterations were made at these two dates, we cannot tell.
  • Several revisions of the text exist, the later of which present such striking agreement with the later Wycliffite version that we shall not be far wrong if we assume that they were made use of to a considerable extent by the revisers of this version.