Sentence Examples

  • Cheyne involves the view that a history dealing with the south actually underlies our sources and can be recovered by emendation of the text.
  • When revising his scheme of chronology in 1900, Rost abandoned his suggested emendation of Sennacherib's figure, but by decreasing his reduction of the length of Dynasty III., he only altered his date for the beginning of Dynasty I.
  • 3 In his revised scheme of chronology, published in 1903, 4 Lehmann-Haupt retained his emendation of Sennacherib's figure, and was in his turn influenced by Marquart's method of reconciling the dynasties of Berossus with the Kings' List.
  • The extremely low dates proposed by Hommel in 1898 were due to his adoption of Peiser's emendation for the length of Dynasty III., in addition to his own elimination of Dynasty II.
  • In 1901 Hommel abandoned Peiser's emendation and suggested two alternative schemes.