Sentence Examples

  • That idea was reinforced when she arrived the next morning.
  • It reinforced what she had begun to doubt: This was where she belonged.
  • (c. 728) 2 states that Nerses, his predecessor, had chastised the sect, but ineffectually; and that after his death (c. 554) they had continued to lurk in Armenia, where, reinforced by Iconoclasts driven out of Albania of the Caucasus, they had settled in the region of Djirka, probably near Lake Van.
  • There can be little doubt that neither in guns nor in gunnery was the British squadron capable of meeting the enemy, and long before the fatal day it should have been reinforced by at least two cruisers of the 1st Cruiser Squadron, all of which were ships in long commission with good armament.
  • Reinforced by the Cenomani, he gained a decisive victory on the banks of the Addua.