Sentence Examples

  • The act contained stringent provisions forbidding strikes; but in this respect it failed to effect its purpose, several strikes occurring in the years following its enactment, in which there were direct refusals to obey awards.
  • Harris's ardent loyalty to the Church of England, after three refusals to ordain him, and his personal contempt for ill-treatment from persecutors, were the only things that prevented separation.
  • His small fees - he once charged $3.50 for collecting an account of nearly $600.00 - his frequent refusals to take cases which he did not think right and his attempts to prevent unnecessary litigation have become proverbial.
  • The refusals of Charles to credit or to countenance the attacks on his wife are the most creditable episodes in his life.
  • Refusals to accept the suspected cartridges were soon heard in the Bengal army.