Sentence Examples

  • He also conquered the land of Asnunnak and carried off from Padan a stela belonging to a refugee from Malatia.
  • Gouverneur Morris's father, Lewis Morris (1698-1762), closed a long public career as judge of the vice-admiralty court of New York; his mother was descended from a French Protestant refugee, who had come to America to escape the persecution of Louis XIV.
  • Another department taken in hand was that of education; and the success which attended the opening of schools in the refugee camps was most striking.
  • Eastern Cuba, late in the 18th century, of French Coffee refugee immigrants from San Domingo.
  • It may be said to begin with the arrival in 1620 of a small company including William Brewster, elder of the refugee church in Leiden, which founded Plymouth in the modern Massachusetts in the winter of that year.