Sentence Examples

  • 15 it is clearly implied that Ishmael has been carried by his mother, yet according to xvi.
  • 21), and the references to Esau and Ishmael as representative world-powers (Gen.
  • 8-10); and where Johanan went against Ishmael to avenge the murder of Gedaliah (Jer.
  • 22, 3) - Sennacherib conquered a fortress of "Aribi" named Adumu, - and Jetur is obviously the Ituraea of classical geographers.4 "Ishmael," therefore, is used in a wide sense of the wilder, roving peoples encircling Canaan from the north-east to the south, related to but on a lower rank than the "sons" of Isaac. It is practically identical with the term "Arabia" as used by the Assyrians.
  • As the father of Isaac and Ishmael, he is ultimately the common ancestor of the Israelites and their nomadic fierce neighbours, men roving unrestrainedly like the wild ass, troubled by and troubling every one (xvi.