Sentence Examples

  • Traditionally Toluca was one of the earliest Toltec settlements on the Anahuac tableland, but no remains of this occupation have been preserved.
  • The introduction into England of the game of golf is traditionally placed here in 1608, and attributed to King James I.
  • It is separated on the south from the island of Shikoku by the Naruto channel, through which, in certain conditions of the tide, a remarkable torrential current is set up. The island is celebrated for its exquisite scenery, and also for the fact that it is traditionally reputed to have been the first of the Japanese islands created by the deities Izanagi and Izanami.
  • The Grand Mosque (Jamaa-el-Kebir) is traditionally said to be the oldest mosque in Algiers.
  • At Bury Bank, on the hills to the north, an earthwork is traditionally considered to be the site of the capital of the Kingdom of Mercia; there are other works in the neighbourhood at Saxon Low.