Sentence Examples

  • The province is divided into nine districts - Temir-khan-shura, Avar, Andi, Gunib, Dargo, Kazikumukh, Kaitago-Tabasaran, Kurin, and Samur.
  • Towards the end of the 8th century they aided Charlemagne in putting an end to the Avar kingdom, and were rewarded by receiving part of it, corresponding to North Hungary, as a fief of the German emperor, whose supremacy they also acknowledged more or less for their other possessions.
  • Styria was included in the conquests of Charlemagne, and was henceforth comprised in the German marks erected against the Avar and the Sla y.
  • These events compelled Charles to leave the Avar war and return to Saxony in 794; and until 799 each year had its Saxon campaign.
  • It is extremely interesting to find a similar poem in the recently discovered mimes of Herondas, the fourth of which is termed " Women making offerings to Aesculapius" (Acranirly avar,OE2aat Kai Ovaci ovaac).

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