Sentence Examples

  • It is a colourless, highly refracting liquid, boiling at 78°; it fumes on exposure to moist air.
  • The more highly organized species have often very numerous eyes (Amphiporus, Drepanophorus), which are provided with a spherical refracting anterior portion, with a cellular " vitreous body," with a layer of delicate radially arranged rods, with an outer sheath of dark pigment, and with a separate nerve-twig each, springing from a common or double pair of branches which leave the brain as n.
  • Besides these more highly differentiated organs of vision, more primitive eyes are present in others down to simple stellate pigment specks without any refracting apparatus.
  • Great refracting telescope, presented by the emperor Alexander I.
  • Such an instrument consists of a triangular prism set with its refracting edge vertical on a rigid platform attached to a massive stand.