Sentence Examples

  • 23-26, the age is given as twenty-five, but twenty became usual and recurs in Ezra iii.
  • In his conception of finite personality he recurs to something like the monadism of Leibnitz.
  • But this strong assertion is greatly qualified when Kant recurs to what he considers the least discredited portion of our theoretical knowledge.
  • 2 Whether the myth of the creation of the first man by the angels, which recurs in many Gnostic systems, found a place also in the system of Basilides, cannot be determined with any certainty.
  • The name recurs much later, in Adamnan's Life of Columba, in the name of a wood near Londonderry, Daire-Calgaich or Roboretum Calgachi, "the wood of Calgacus": it may be Celtic and denote "the man with the sword."