Sentence Examples

  • OK Cupid: OK Cupid proudly displays the quip from The Boston Globe that it is the "Google of online dating." The site is totally free and open to anyone over the age of 18.
  • Not only can they help with unforeseen hair emergencies, but they'll also be there with a quick quip, and nothing looks more beautiful than a laughing and happy bride.
  • An invitation for the bride to seek the best man's help when dealing with the groom's foibles, or a lighthearted quip about what she's gotten herself into.
  • When you wear cool designs on T shirts, you can make people laugh, inspire a stranger to strike up a conversation with you, or just get a nod of approval in response to the art you've chosen or the witty quip across your chest.
  • Dean didn't even offer a quip about Fred's tightness with a buck and his moth-eaten purse as the old man called over a waitress to do the duties.