Sentence Examples

  • Delicate irony and pointed epigram take the place of broad humour.
  • The father died five days after his son in 4 B.C. He had done much for the Jews, thanks to the favour he had won and kept in spite of all from the successive heads of the Roman state; he had observed the Law publicly - in fact, as the traditional epigram of Augustus says, "it was better to be Herod's swine than a son of Herod."
  • Especially in this last he shows a tendency to epigram and often uses humorous and pathetic expressions.
  • Lessing's theory of the origin of the epigram is somewhat fanciful, but no other critic has offered so many pregnant hints as to the laws of epigrammatic verse, or defended with so much force and ingenuity the character of Martial.
  • The second epigram is anonymous, and runs as follows: - " The Chian is another.