Sentence Examples

  • I won't have any quarrelling in the Land of Oz, I can tell you!
  • They are a light-hearted, apathetic people, little given to quarrelling or to the commission of violent crime.
  • The Liberals were quarrelling among themselves, and the result was an overwhelming defeat.
  • From 1743 to 1774 came the personal rule of Louis XV., when all the different powers were in conflictthe bishops and parlement quarrelling, the government fighting against the clergy and the magistracy, and public opinion in declared opposition to the state.
  • If, contrary to usage, we choose to call the latter a judgment of existence, there is no use in quarrelling about words; but we must insist that new terms must in that case be invented to express so fundamental a difference as that between judgments about real men and judgments about ideal centaurs.