Sentence Examples

  • The two quarrelled and the younger stabbed the elder.
  • He ended by dominating the cabinet, but owing to his having negotiated a union of the Right Centre and the Left Centre (the Con nubio) in the conviction that the country needed the moderate elements of both parties, he quarrelled with DAzeglio (who, as an uncompromising conservative, failed to see the value of such a move) and resigned.
  • In February 1700 Dampier called at Juan Fernandez and while there Captain Straddling of the "Cinque Porte" galley quarrelled with his men, forty-two of whom deserted but were afterwards taken on board by Dampier; five seamen, however, remained on shore.
  • He was exceedingly jealous of foreign interference, and quarrelled with France on questions connected with the rights of foreign residents.
  • Valerius Flaccus, but quarrelled with him and was dismissed.