Sentence Examples

  • An alternative arrangement consists in providing two loose pulleys on the counter-shaft, driven by open and crossed belts respectively, and arranging two clutches on the shaft, so that by the movement of a sliding block, controlled by hand, one or other of the clutches can be put in gear.
  • But a floor, however heavy, suspended by three wire ropes and properly balanced over large, well-mounted pulleys, requires an amount of energy to work it which does not exceed that required to operate a platform of moderate dimensions, and there is a freedom, a safety and a facility of working with a complete floor which no partial platform can give.
  • The Torque Was Measured By Weights 0 And P Suspended By Silk Ribbons Passing Over The Pulleys N And Round The Disk Kl.
  • Suppose the base-circles to be a pair of circular pulleys connected D~ ill by means of a cord whose course ~f from pulley to pulley is P1IP2.
  • Wrapping ConnectorsBelts, Cords and Chains Flat belts of leather or of gutta percha, round cords of catgut, hemp or other material, and metal chains are used as wrapping connectors to transmit rotatory motion between pairs of pulleys and drums.