Sentence Examples

  • Arrived at the farther sheave C, the now cool pigs are dumped into a railway car.
  • A cord has one end made fast a to and wrapped round the barrel AE; it passes from A under the sheave FG, and has the other end wrapped round and made fast to the barrel BD.
  • With this arrangement a single revolution of the upper sheave causes the endless chain to wind up the chain on one side by an amount irD, and to unwind an amount Ord on the other side, and in consequence the lower sheave is raised by 7r(D - d)/2.
  • The loaded train is coupled to the main rope, and to the rear end is attached the tail-rope; which reaches to the end of the line, passing there around a large grooved sheave and thence back to the engine.
  • Transmitted by wrapping connectors to FG, and combined by that sheave so as to act on the fol w lower W, whose motion is the same with that of the centre of FG.