Sentence Examples

  • Note that 'pull-up' covers (the kind traditionally used with cloth diapers before there were disposables) can be slightly more difficult in terms of aligning the liner with the cover, but a little practice is all it takes.
  • Pediatric and orthopedic researchers have agreed in the last decade that babies do best learning to crawl, pull-up, cruise, and walk when they are allowed to sport bare feet.
  • If you're not strong enough to perform a full pull-up, you may want to start with a simple bar hang, holding your body in place with your chin above the pull-up bar.
  • It's not uncommon for beaches to have exercise equipment along the shore, and there are situations when you could make an embarrassing mistake on a pull-up bar.
  • Curity also put out a latex-free disposable diaper version, as well as night training pants and pull-up style diapers, which are available for purchase online.